When we took office, we took it in the theme of hope, hope not only to our students but also to our surrounding communities. On Saturday 11th December 2021, UESA 2021/2022 government led by UESA Secretary-General, Mr. Max Ndeke & UESA Special Need secretary, Ms.Esther Mbiti visited St. Luke's Special school for the deaf. We met with Headmistress Madam Keziah. As a way of giving back to the Community, the University of Embu students association came up with the idea of visiting St. Luke's Special school for the deaf, the event took place at St.Luke's. They participated in different activities :
a) Cooking,
b)washing Clothes for little Children 
c)Cleaning the environment with the Children and lastly had an interactive session where a tournament was held between University of Embu students and St. Luke's.
From the visit, we were able to build the university's image and enhance corporate social responsibility within the community. I would like to thank the University Management for the support and UESA for the spirit of giving and service to humanity. May the Selfless heart of giving back to the community remain in your hearts.

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