University Of Embu Students Association (UESA) is the student governing body, charged with the mandates of running student activities and programs such as student entertainment, academics, security within and outside the university, welfare, maintenance of peace within and outside the campus, promote the spirit of togetherness and any other student related activities. UESA has realize tremendous achievements since the inception of the university in 2013. This article therefore aims at highlighting these major achievements of UESA since establishment of the first Interim EUCSA to the current student association.

The interim body was appointed by then the principal of Embu University College, who is now the Vice Chancellor of University Of Embu. It prepared the first  EUCSA constitution which was later amended to UESA constitution which now governs students’ welfare in the university. The first elected student government headed by the first student president Mr. FRANCIS LEKOLOLI brought in a lot of transformations which included; effective student representation, increased gaming facilities and equipment’s, introduction of student center, and reinforced security among the non-resident students and the surrounding community. The student union also ratified the 2.5% fee policy to minimize cases of students who were calling off semesters because they were unable to pay school fees within the first three weeks of the semester. The second student government led by Mr. SADERA TIMOTHY, together with the university managed increased the number of shops serving students within the university. This has greatly improved student welfare in terms of access to stationery, M-pesa services, as well as enhances student social interactions.

The third student association led by Mr. SULEIMAN NAIBEI, with assistance from the university management has improved the student welfare through the Financial Aid kitty. The financial aid kitty is meant to assist needy students to meet their financial needs such as, school fees, accommodation, and upkeep. The body has witnessed lots of improvement in the academics as new improved and spacious classrooms like MPH and MPC were introduced. The first ever cultural festival to manifest and celebrate the cultural diversity of the students, together with bringing out the diverse talents in the students fraternity. Discussions with management have enable improvements in the university footpaths as new pavement has been created and others being improved to accommodate the increasing student population as well as ease movement in the institution. The student union has been able to maintain peace and order within the institution through organizing kamukunji meetings to listen and share with other students on key issues pertaining their welfare. To ease payment of school fees, the association leaders engaged with management to introduce an M-pesa till number that has greatly lessen the pressure of students queuing in banks to pay fees. The UESA constitution amendment process has also been initiated. This aims at capturing key missing clauses in the EUCSA constitution. The main achievement of this student body was the award of charter by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya.

The fourth student government that got into power on 15th March 2017 led by Mr. DANCAN OTHUON as the Chairperson is focused towards making the students association one of the best association within the country and even internationally. The student governments so far have ensured that 99% of the University is Wi-Fi accessible, mounting of one shilling foundation tin, creating UESA website, increase  some amount on the needy kitty, and also drafted a budget that have allocated some amount for the first time ever for sports and empowerment programs among others. UESA government is in process of partnering with Matatu Sacco for transporting students to the university from town or even Nairobi, preparing for 2nd Culfest, Preparing for sensitization talks on drugs, Public Talk, Fresher’s night, interfaith, mace reformation, work study program, formulate policies for students welfare, reformations on sports through sport committee, meeting with investors on rental issues among others.

In conclusion, the University of Embu has witnessed tremendous transformations since its inception as a university college 2013. The efforts of the students, student leaders, university staff and lecturers, administrators, the university management and the university council altogether has propelled this institution to this high level standards of being a full pledged University. We therefore wish to thank the university management in particular for consistently listening and responding to our challenges and turning them to milestones.

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