Allow me take this opportunity to pass my greetings to all the comrades. It is my pleasure indeed to serve you comrades at the capacity of Secretary General something which I don’t take for granted. Back during the time when democracy was on trial many of you stood with me to ensure that we restore that right of every comrade to participate in a free, fair and transparent election. This was never in vain even though the journey was tough but at last we achieved it. That is what to me I refers to as the true spirit of comrades and this same spirit kept us going as Students government even during the times of great tribulations and challenges like towards the end of 2016/2017 semester when many of us were unable to sit for their exams because of fees the spirit kept us moving and many ended up sitting for their exams.
As the Secretary General I would like to remind one thing comrades that we are one family , the family called UoEm and that if we can deeply embrace this then we will never fail to achieve anything as students government and as comrades in general. Let’s come together to build our university by sharing our ideas through all the platforms available  i.e by either a call to any student leaders whose number are available in this website, emailing through our new email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .ke or even through complains and compliment section in this website.
This website is one of the greatest thing that we will forever rejoice if we maximize it because through this website you can advertise your little business, you can report any complains, you can also be able to get job alerts, and you will also be able to know what UESA government have done so far, the calendar of activities and even all downloads are available here including PASS list. Through this website you will also be able to get messages from different student leaders.
It is my pleasure once more to welcome you all to UNIVERSITY OF EMBU home of great students and home of great leaders. Let us keep the spirit of comradism burning because it is what will make us unlock the golden opportunities. GOD BLESS UoEm, GOD BLESS UESA